How to Grow Your Revenue by 15%

How to Grow Your Revenue by 15%

Medium to large businesses are struggling more than ever to grow their revenue from their small business customers.

Globalisation and the internet has broken down barriers to entry, small businesses can now make thrifty purchase from a myriad of suppliers. No longer are you their only choice.

Let me guess, despite pushback from your sales team and your reps, your corporate mandate/annual budget demands you drive a minimum of (X)% increase in your sales to existing customers? And you are continually faced with one line comments such as "If our competitors are still in business it means there is more market share to be had!" (or perhaps you're the one saying this?).

What's more, the tactics employed in order to "grow" these organic sales still hasn't changed either. Creative 'rebates', more catalogues/brochures, training sessions, events, corporate gifts, promotions, lunches and dinners, the list goes on, yet the results don't change or are marginally impacted in bursts as the "instant gratification" and return for the short term effort you put in, drives yet another short term return. Until of course, your customers face another challenge and then proceed to buy elsewhere, or worse, they price match you and you loose a transaction over a measly $2 (don't laugh, we know of small businesses going to competitor's to save $2 on a single purchase).

So how do you grow your revenue from your small business customers in less than 6 months?

You need to go beyond your traditional supply chain relationship and actually help your small business customers do better business.

How do you do that?

  1. By helping them with what's holding their business back: From research, we saw that 1 in 2 businesses still don't have websites, their businesses were falling behind...

  2. Go beyond selling them, and start helping them. Less hype and more help. Help them be better business operators, smarter business owners. The value of this goes way beyond any price savings you can give them on your products.

  3. Help them make connections in their local community. Business owners wear enough hats, so take the marketing and communications hat off them and instead provide them with tools that make their lives easier.

Now, you're not expected to be able to do all of this on your own. Most of this may not even be your core skill set, and could get costly in time and money if you tried.

This is precisely why Directree was created, and is exactly what it does.

It's a simple 3 step process:

  1. We build you a network of best practice, easy to personalise websites that will take your small business customers less than 10 mins to setup.

  2. We switch on a suite of hyperlocal marketing tools that drives traffic, leads and local area engagement for your small business customers.

  3. We establish an owned communications channel for you, that gives you a direct link into the heart of all your customer's businesses which makes it easy for you to distribute marketing content, tangible business support and more.

The result?

They grow. And they grow because of you, so you grow.

Research showed that over 98% of workshops surveyed didn't even have a website

and Workshop owners struggled to form strong connections with their local community and wanted to learn how to run smarter businesses.

It was clear that Burson's biggest opportunity was to provide ultimate value to their customers by helping them solve these problems, and become more than just a supplier of parts to these workshops.

So, we worked with Burson to invite over 1,000 workshops into the Burson Alliance Program, where each Workshop received:

A brand new website that took no longer than 10 minutes each to setup

Online tools that allowed workshops to connect with their local market, including a 24 hour booking system, ability to publish seasonal specials and news from the workshop

And tangible business support that teaches workshop owners how to run smarter businesses, all distributed through this network of new websites, which now forms a valuable communications channel for Burson

And the results? They were off the charts..

15% increase in revenue within 6 months, where only 1% was needed to break even on this program

Several cases of significant switching back to Burson and away from competitors, showing loyalty had returned!

We demonstrated that by going beyond Burson's traditional approaches and into investing in a program that actually cares and helps customers in their business is the most powerful way to build a special bond that drives sales, loyalty and brand love from your customers.

It's also no accident that it strengthens the relationship you have with them, and your customer retention grows too.

So what do you do? Well, you do what you have ALWAYS done, right? Wrong.

Albert Einstein coined the saying, that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

We encourage you to help your customers do and build better businesses. They grow, you'll grow. If you're not going to do it, someone else might.

How to Grow Your Revenue by 15%