Standard Features

  • Website builder that helps your small business customers get a best-practice website online in less than 10 minutes
  • A branded, aggregator website that brings your network of websites together in one place
  • Centralised content and display ad publishing across your network
  • Whole-platform analytics data and conversion tracking
  • Customer enquiry forms
  • SMS alerts and communication for inbound enquiries
  • Flexible pricing based on the size of your network
  • Stripe integration for per-site billing
Premium Add-Ons Include
  • Organic search (SEO) packages (add on)
  • Paid search advertising packages (add on)
  • Remarketing packages (add on)
  • Display ad packages (add on)
  • Booking system (add on)
  • eCommerce (add on)

Get a quote

0 – 500 websites
base pricing
501 - 1000 websites
20% discount
1001+ websites
30% discount

Benefits for you

  • Build ultimate loyalty with your small business customers
  • Success in their business drives increased purchasing from yours
  • Own a unique digital marketing channel in an era when other paid channel costs are rising quickly
  • Create stickiness with your B2B customers
  • Gain data and insight into the online experience of your ultimate end customers
  • Create a new revenue stream for your organization
  • Control these sites as little or as much as you choose
  • Unlimited scale, have as many or as few customers using the platform as you choose*
*a recommended minimum of 10 sites is required to make this viable.